The night before christmas or is it the night before prac?

Now the nerves are starting to kick in.  It is not the same type of nerves as the night before Christmas we all do or have experienced. this is something that is shared with both Robyn and Cassandra.  I think it this is because my prac placement is apart of a journey that I am on not just professionally but personally. My studies and my future career are the 2nd most important aspect of my life next to my family. It is a way that I can help to give myself an identity as an adult and as a professional within my chosen identity. Sorry if this seems a bit deep for my blog for EDC3100 but it is the motivation that keeps me going in those long nights of study and the friendships that have been cast aside due to other people not taking myself or my dreams seriously. Some people just thought I was going to TAFE and not UNI and do not understand the commitment it takes to achieve my goal.

My prac placement will be with a grade 1/2 class  at a local Brisbane outside school that is approx. 30 minutes from Brisbane CBD. It is in a emerging suburb even though it has been operating for longer than I have been alive. I have met my mentor teacher and got a feel for my class structure and the high flyers that I will be interacting with.  I am excited with the prospect of teaching this age group as I may be a mum of 3 but teaching and not parenting a child of this age group does make me a bit nervous. I think this is because I don’t want to over complicate their learning experiences while compromising their learning outcomes according to ACARA.

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