What too do on a wet weeekend…. assignment 2

I think it is fair to say that it will be a really wet weekend. My son’s soccer games has been cancelled that was due to be played on Sunday.  Yah sleep in Sunday!!!!! According to Healthy Sleep, a good nights sleep increase ones memory and learning. You see it is because it gives your brain a chance to retain all of the information you have been acquiring. Just what we need leading in to the final days before assignment 2 submission and 16 days before our prac placement. If only we all knew where we are going on our Prac……..

I feel that incorporating ICT into our classrooms is much like my independent 4 year old trying to put on her onesie. Yes this has happened in the last 30 minutes at my home. You see take my 4 year old as the traditional classroom and her onesie as your pedagogy and me (mum) as ICT. You see my daughter wanted to do it all by herself on her terms like most 4 yr olds. Mum (ICT) tried to help and make the learning easier but the traditional classroom fought and fought me as it (my 4yr old) thought it had to be done the way it always has been done. Anyway ICT (mum) left the classroom (4yr old) to do it her way. As you can imagine there were tears and crying involved for a few minutes as things were not working the traditional way. After a bit of frustration the classroom learnt that it wasn’t working her way and asked for help to make things work better. So ICT (mum) contributed to the overall experience of putting on a onesie.

This cooperation of a traditional classroom, ICT and pedagogy all coming together increase students engagement as well as providing a learning environment where you are setting your students up for future success. The importance of these factors are documented in Tayla’s,  Stacey’s and Libby’s blogs.

It is food for thought don’t you think?

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