The next stage in life

This week my nearly 15 year old son has decided that he would like to try and find his first job. Oh such an exciting time for him. I remember fondly my first job working at McDonalds in 1994. At that stage is was in grade 10 (same as my son) and in our little country NSW town there was not a lot of employment options. ICT had not yet formed apart of my life as at school all we had was these ugly old apple computers in our computer studies room.  We never learnt any cool stuff just binary code. They were very cute!!!!This seems to be a similar experience as Deborah has had in schools.

I remember having to go to hand in your resume over the counter to apply for jobs, now all my son has to do is to create an account on any chosen potential employer and fill in his details and press SUBMIT. I think this would of been so much easier as it takes all of the nerves away and you can apply in your trackies!!! Bonus.

It has made me think od how much in some ways ICT has made our lives easier but is it always a benefit to our life? As nerve wracking as it was to approach a manager and hand them your resume it was also publically an acknowledge of your intention to gain employment. My son submitting his resume on line takes the human side of the job hunting process away from it. It is easier but is it better? Quintessential talks about the tips for job searches on submitting their resumes and how it needs to look and why. Just because your resume might not look as flash as others does that mean you will not be a suitable employee? Companies use to receive multiple paper resumes before and they could manage everything before.

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