Is there more benefits to ICT than just transformed learning?

I was reading Lilly’s and Tayla’s post and it rang true to me. Are paperless classrooms the way that future classrooms will be frame worked? This is a question that warrants serious discussion, not just to be able to produce global citizens but what about environmental sustainability aspect? Climate Change as it is known is a real and quiet possibly one of the fore front contenders to reshape humanity in the 21st century and beyond. As NASA states that with the destruction of our rainforest the release of Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is contributing to climate change. I flash back through my memories and think about all of those work sheets and wastage of paper and paper products in the classroom. What a waste!!!!! Incorporating rich ICT’s into our current and future classrooms it seems will not only enrich our students education, our teaching resources but it might just contribute to saving our planet.

Worth a thought don’t you think.

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