hmmm…. does it have to be a one sided argument.

Well, I have picked up my 3 drowned rats (children) from school and waded through water and kids puddle jumping in front of me. Thanks champ just what I wanted to be splashed in my face by water.

Anyway….. I was speaking to my daughters grade 4 teacher and she was telling me how hard it was to teach let alone be in a classroom with 25  9-10 year olds.  She was saying that basic communication went out the window as all she had to do all day was shout as the students could not use their “indoor voices” due to the sound of the rain belting down on the classroom roof. What could make days like this more productive for both teacher and student? Are you thinking what I am thinking? ICT!!!! Having a rich ICT classroom capabilities at hand would provide students with an opportunity to continue to learn despite the adverse weather conditions.

My son who is grade 10 had different obstacles to overcome through out today. Apart from obviously not staying in the same classroom, my son’s high school, which I have to presume is normal, have different classroom set up with different ICT equipment for the specific classes that commonly use those rooms. What do high school teachers do if they are not able to use their regular rooms for what ever reason and have to utilise a room with ICT that is not compatible used their lesson.  What do they do?

Finally my 4 year old little monster. There was no  ICT this afternoon being used all that was happening was the were singing ( shouting) Row Row Row your Boat.

So I wonder if ICT can really replace a traditional classroom in the future and we can become a 100% paperless classroom as discussed earlier in Lilly’s and Tayla’s posts.

Something to ponder in the real world away from Uni.

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